GH Right

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GH Right + Trace  – Bee Shrimp  has been formulated to mineralize RO water for keeping and breeding Bee shrimp or Tiger shrimp /Caridina water parameters/ in aquarium. It raises the total hardness (GH) without significantly increasing PH or the carbonate hardness (KH) (ratio of GH/KH: 1.0/0.03)

GH Right + Trace  – Bee Shrimp   contains all  important minerals and more than 40 trace elements your shrimp need. It will help coloration, successful breeding and healthy growth in every stage of shrimp life.

Instructions of use
Mix with water outside of the aquarium. GH Right + Trace  – Bee Shrimp  dissolves almost completely within a minute and it is ready to go. Even though you can mix it right before use to prevent shrimp stress we recommend mineralizing your RO water 24h before adding it to aquarium.

Use Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ to re-mineralize RO water, to reach a total hardness of about GH 4 and/or TDS 130. For this purpose, one and a half spoon (about 3g) to 5 Gal of water is sufficient.

Measuring spoon enclosed.

Note: Please Store in a cool dry place, Ziploc bagging is recommended when not in use to prevent caking.

Close the container tightly after use, keep in a dry cool place