Snow White Shrimp – High Quality

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Snow White Shrimp – High Quality.

These Snow White are part of the Caridina shrimp group.
We have this colony running in our tanks for more than 5 years.
Culling is required to keep them white and to improve shrimp quality.
In order to keep good white color DO NOT feed with foods containing
Astaxanthin or Carotenoids.

Feeding :
Snow White Shrimp Required 75-80% veggie-leafy based food and only 20-25% Protein
based food.

These are unsexed Juvies ¼-1/2 in size.

TDS 110-150
GH 4-5
KH 0
ph 5.5-6.4
Temperature 70-74F
DOA Policy: DOA will only be valid if you send clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to
my shipping label within 1 hours of their arrival. Package should be received on first delivery attempt.
If temperature in your area is lower than 50F or higher than 85F We’ll ship the shrimps with HOLD

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