Brio Powder (Easy S.E.M.O) 30g

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Brio Powder (tm) is a mix of natural products which are rich in bacteria cultures, tannins, amino acid, vitamins, microelements and probiotics.  

3~4 weeks after start using Brio Powder, sponge filter and top layer of substrate will be seeded with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms which are great source of food for baby, juvenile and adult shrimp.

Creates an ecological balance in a tank

⁍ Keeps tank cycled even with low number of shrimp

Promotes growth of plankton

⁍ Purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite

⁍ Increases dissolved oxygen

Reduces shrimp stress and enhances immunity

⁍ Increases metabolism and improves breeding

Improves shrimp and plants growth

Re-energizes old gravel/soil replenishes beneficial bacteria lost due to environmental and      tank water changes


Maintenance and shrimp population feeding:

1 flat scoop of Brio Powder per 5 Gal. after water changes

Tank setup:

Sprinkle 4 flat scoops (for 5 Gal tank) at the bottom of the tanks before you add substrate.


High density shrimp tanks:

1 flat scoop of Brio Powder per 5 Gal. every 4~5 days

Don’t stop aeration when using Brio Powder for best result.

This product will tint the water with a light amber color for couple of hours after use.

For aquarium use only. Store in a dark cool place.