De Terra

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Plamski Shrimp Farm De Terra is a main food for Neocaridina and Tiger shrimp daily feeding. Containing important nutrients needed for healthy and balanced growth, along with vibrant coloring and generous reproduction for freshwater dwarf shrimp. 

De Terra is land inhabitants-based food. It contains 3 types of animal proteins, 7 types of leafy greens, 3 types of tree leaves, 8 types of herbs, yeast, probiotics, vitamins, and amino acids. Proteins and essential amino acids from animals ensure balanced growth. Dietary fiber from various leaves and barks supports healthy digestion. Vitamins and vital substances from different types of herbs and vegetables support metabolism. ß-glucan from yeasts supports the body's own defense. Premium shrimp food made in USA. Guarantee: No artificial coloring or preservatives. 

Feeding recommendation: Approx. one feed stick per day for every 30 shrimps. Remove food left over after 6 hours. Tip: Combining Plamski Shrimp Farm De Terra, De Mari and Supergreens Entrée in your feeding schedule will deliver every possible mineral, vitamin and amino acid to your shrimp’s needs. 

Plamski Shrimp Farm De Terra is also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs and snails. Composition: 50.2 % crude protein, 4.2% crude fat, 12.6% raw fiber, 2.88% calcium, 1.2% sodium, 0.2% phosphorus, 0.61% magnesium