Substrate Tower

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“Substrate Tower” by Plamskishrimpfarm is one of the most convenient way to add new substrate to your tank, to regenerate tank condition or to boost breeding without resetting shrimp tank itself.

Substrate Towers are made out of shrimp safe plastic parts, stainless steel mesh and aquarium safe epoxy.

Substrate Towers are available in 2 sizes:
Small 3”x6.25” is suitable for 5-10 gal tanks;
Large 3”x8.25” is suitable for 10-20 gal tanks.

1)Unscrew the cap.
2)Fill the tower with your favorite substrate (ADA Amazonia, Landen, Prodibio, SL-Aqua,
Platinum Soil, Dennerle, Brightwell,etc).

Tip: For fast cycling you can pour some beneficial bacteria, mixed in water, over the substrate in the tower).

3)Screw the cap back in.
4)Put the tower in a bucket and add water from the tank you will be adding the “Substrate Tower” to.
5)Add air-stone
6)Let it cycle for 5-10 days.
7)Add the Substrate tower to your tank.

Tips: Cycling multiple towers at ones will save you time, especially if you work on multiple tanks.
For substrates, not releasing much ammonia, cycling might be unnecessary.